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A seasoned operator and technician of many years, I bring experience in the areas of camera; lighting & grip to every project. Through these collective crafts I have been able to progress in my love of both Directing and Cinematography. I believe I can break the good, fast or cheap model of picking two. Providing my clients with a product that exceeds expectations time and again. When directing, I bring a solid vision from conception to execution. As a cinematographer, I am able to creatively execute efficiently, staying within a budget, and working together with a production friendly attitude that will support other directors in achieving their vision or simply my own.

I own an Arri Alexa Mini camera package and a 7 lens set of Zeiss Compact Primes lenses (15mm/21mm/28mm/35mm/50mm/85mm/100mm) as well as a camera trailer full of grip and lighting gear that will assist in facilitating all of your production needs.


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